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We help ease all your sourcing and trading with our quality services.


We provide early stage design or engineering support to get experienced designs to assist you in your product development process which can save you time and money - a lot of time and money.


If you are considering a global manufacturing and distribution services company, we can handle shipping, distribution and logistics for your product, or arrange to hire a separate third-party logistics shipper for you.


It's one thing to do something right at a time, but as a builder we have the ability to do it over and over again because we get a clear picture of what you need in the first place, so we as a builder But make your product perfect every time, and also deliver it to you in best condition.


As your business partner, we do not allow business to be affected by natural disasters, a massive faltering economy or political turmoil, and remain agile and responsible for disruptions big and small.

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Your company's success is based on creating a good sourcing strategy and a sound sourcing process. If you consider us as your supplier, measure our performance, and combine our capabilities with your needs, you will find that both of our businesses are set to excel and thrive. And that's the best kind of partnership. Which we do fairly and with transparency.

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Global Sanbridge Ltd. is a global sourcing company that understands what its competitive advantages are and all other factors. If you want to grow, protect and use your company's best interest, Contact Us Today!.

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Fantastic customer service, excellent communication, and prompt delivery. I am already working on my next order.
Kelvin Feng
Importer- Singapore
Excellent service. Good communication, excellent inventory, and high quality. Would highly recommend it!
Seema Gupta
Seema Shine Enterprises
A great and efficient service, providing quality and well packaged products. A truly painless experience. highly endorse.
R K Jain